After doing an in-depth study of Hosea and reading this verse in context you will find that the Israelite’s situation, to some degree, can be translated into modern day living. It becomes clearer that even though the Church may understand the Word better today, we are still missing the implications of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The word “destroyed” doesn’t mean what the English dictionary says it means: “to bring to useless fragments and annihilate”. In the Old Testament, it means “to be cut off”. The question becomes, “cut off from what?” Since Israel is a covenant nation, they are cut off from all the good things that Yahweh had promised them if they kept the covenant. They are cut off from a supernatural, exceptional life with God.

In summary, the book of Hosea speaks about how the Israelites went through some dark times they brought upon themselves. They had allowed the cares of the world to seep into their hearts and minds. They began to oppress the poor, and they had strayed from the moral boundaries that God laid out for them.

Israel had come under siege on more than one occasion, and they themselves were oppressed. They had begun to rely on their own military might and power, a form of self-righteousness. They were influenced by the thinking of that time. They had turned to worshiping idols and had allowed their faith in Yahweh to become tainted to the point of forgetting all that God had done for them. Even the priests had forgotten how to worship.

The Church today is missing part of the message of grace and what it means to be saved by the death and resurrection of Christ. Thus, the Church is not getting all that knowledge that they could have, and because of this lack of knowledge, it leaves them open to be destroyed or “cut off.” How are they being destroyed? Destroyed in a variety of areas, such as finances, physical healing, and mental or emotional health. This lack of knowledge about Christ’s accomplishment puts Christians in a position of missing out on everything that God has done for them.

This lack of knowledge may also be due to our traditions or religious upbringing, and they can potentially keep us from seeing the full benefits of experiencing Jesus. Missing out on Jesus prevents us from receiving all the good things He has stored up for us.

Here is an insight that perhaps you have never considered before: lack of knowledge has to do with the mind. Lack of knowledge has to do with not having a deeper understanding about something, it can even refer to a knowledge that is either correct or incorrect. Incorrect knowledge can be just as dangerous as not knowing.

You’ve heard once before, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Although it may not have been said in the context of church, the truth is, if you apply this to the modern Church then what you don’t know can hurt you.

If you don’t know that Christ paid for your healing, then what you don’t know would cause you to remain sick. If you don’t know that Christ paid for your mental and emotional health, then you allow yourself to remain sick. If you don’t know that Christ paid for your financial freedom, then you remain a prisoner of debt and lack.

It becomes vitally important to find out what the cross of Christ really means for you. Paul made it his mission to speak about Jesus. For Paul, Jesus is the Gospel. He spoke about His death and resurrection often, and what it meant for humanity. The more you know about Jesus and what He has done for you, the less likely you will be destroyed for lack of knowledge. You won’t be cut off from all of the good things the Jesus’ death and resurrection brings to you.

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Hosea 4:6

The Church today is missing part of the message of grace and what it means to be saved by the death and resurrection of Christ.


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

That one verse, in and of itself, can speak volumes to many people’s lives. There is, in general, an assumption that the Church couldn’t possibly be destroyed for lack of knowledge today, because we live in an age where the modern Church knows more today than did the people back in Hosea’s time. We have the distinct advantage of knowing Christ. And because we know Christ, we feel sheltered in some way.

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