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Local businesses win by promoting their business/ product here for free. Doing so also helps fulfill our mission: uniting the Church and breaking down walls. (Gifts from individuals also appreciated, see below.)

Local ministries featured in Faith News win when we share what God is doing in and through them, on their behalf. They also win when readers bless those ministries, as directed by the Lord.

Our communities win when readers become more generous because they're inspired to give as they read.

You (the reader) win because you can find out what God is doing via Faith News articles. What ministry do you feel led to partner with? To pray for? To give financial support to? Ask the Lord how to partner with the ministries featured in Faith News Niagara.

Finally, Faith News founder Steve Samuels (that's me) wins. I get to live out a few of my passions, like helping unite the body of Christ locally. Making this website available to our local ministries and churches helps bring them closer to one another, and enables me to keep serving people.

And all this means area ministries can share what they're doing, area businesses can share what they're doing, I can keep doing what I'm doing, and you get to read relevant and up-to-date local content. It's a win-win. Actually, it's a win four times over.

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I'm a long time resident of Beamsville. Ever since Jesus met me as a teen, I've been looking for ways to give to people. It started while still living in my native Montreal, with helping other young people meet Jesus. I got involved with worship music around that time, eventually moving into a leadership capacity. Upon moving to Sudbury, I moved into radio -- thus beginning my long relationship with Christian media. It continued when I started work on the set of a daily Christian televison show. Since I was actually on my way to a career in journalism when the Lord called me to Bible school, I decided to return to my roots and start Faith News Niagara when other doors to youth ministry appeared to be closing.

Visit my personal site to learn about the other ways I get to serve others, ways not usually brought up in Faith News Niagara. You can also find the Faith In Niagara podcast there as well.

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